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Researchers now know that weight loss associated with coconut oil is related to the length of the fatty acid chains contained in coconut oil. Coconut oil contains what are called medium chain fatty acids, or medium chain triglycerides (MCTs for short). These medium chain fatty acids are different from the common longer chain fatty acids found in other plant-based oils. Most vegetable oils are composed of longer chain fatty acids, or triglycerides (LCTs). LCTs are typically stored in the body as fat, while MCTs are burned for energy. MCTs burn up quickly in the body. Coconut oil is nature’s richest source of MCTs that increase metabolic rates and lead to weight loss. MCTs promote what is called thermogenesis. Thermogenesis increases the body’s metabolism, producing energy. Researchers in Japan have found that when you consume a food rich in MCTs such as coconut oil, the MCTs are absorbed and transported directly into the liver via the portal vein. First, when MCTs are substituted for

Source: Scientific Study Finds Eating Coconut Oil Daily Leads to Reduction in Waist Size | World Truth.TV

If you haven’t already heard, coconut oil is an amazing substance that can be used for almost anything. Coconut oil has many benefits to being consumed, including being antibacterial and anti-fungal which can kill off infections in the body. It contains medium chain triglycerides, which are different from our normal diet of long chain fatty […]

Source: How to Add Coconut Oil to Any Drink For Increased Weight Loss – Juicing For Health

You think that you eat a little, and are persistently gaining weight? Nothing unusual. The thing is what kind of calories are entering into your organism. The

Source: Goodbye Belly Fat – These 4 Ingredients Dissolve Fat!


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