I am a HUGE fan of Mexican food and I especially like it with a lot of cilantro!

Turns out it not only taste good but is good for you too!  Who would have thought?

Check out this article from Complete Health and Happiness!



How to Use Cilantro As Medicine: Detox Your Body of Mercury and Beat Chronic Inflammation – Complete Health and Happiness.

Do your joints hurt?  Do you use Ibuprofen to help out?  When the weather is cold and wet I know mine do.  My knees, elbows, hands, etc.  I don’t like to take pharmaceuticals or over the counter drugs anymore than necessary.  Here’s an article about how Turmeric is helping arthritis of the knee.  Turmeric is what makes mustard yellow!  Who would have ever thought it?



Use Turmeric Before Ever Swallowing Another Ibuprofen Again.