What would you do with an extra $100?

#ChristmasCash is here for the whole month of November! What would YOU do with an extra $100 this holiday season? Everyone can use a little extra cash this time of the year! If you have been thinking of joining me and you have 4 friends… this could be you!

Peppermint Bliss Gift Set

Whoever is on top of your Christmas list is sure to be filled with exciteMINT when they open their #PeppermintBliss Gift Set ! This set includes a Sugar Scrub, Body Lotion, and Lip Balm all in a ready-to-gift box !



1 Sugar Scrub (6 oz)
1 Body Lotion (6 oz)
1 Lip Balm
PLUS 1 BONUS Travel Size Body Lotion (2 oz)
1 Gift Box

Go to your happy place with a bliss-filled peppermint treat that’s a spa-like experience for your skin! And in a ready-to-gift box, just put a bow on it for that special someone on your list!

Sugar Scrub: Warm up your holiday season with this peppermint sugar scrub as it melts into your skin for gentle exfoliation with smoothing coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and peppermint oil to keep your skin oh-so-soft!

Body Lotion: Refresh and moisturize your skin with this rich and creamy peppermint lotion that includes coconut oil, shea butter, and cocoa butter. Use the Full Size at home and pop that BONUS travel size in your bag for wherever this holiday season takes you!

Lip Balm: Want to keep your kisser mistletoe ready? Well, pucker up! With a blend of cocoa butter, coconut oil, and peppermint oil to soften and beeswax to protect your lips from the winter wind, it will even be hard for Jack Frost to stay away!


What could you do with an extra $500?


Watch the leaves and your bank account change when you Go Ruby!
All new Distributors who Join the Party by December 31, and Go Ruby in their first two calendar months, are eligible for the $500 Ruby Bonus!

Happy Friday! Real talk!

Double Good Bonus

Happy Friday!

Every day is Friday!

Do you love your job?  Or do you wish your life away from Monday to Friday so you can enjoy your weekend?


Thats ok if you think its not a real job

Are you scared of what people might think?  So many people have such a negative attitude about MLM, network marketing, and direct sells.  Do you think it is a pyramid scheme?  This is the REAL pyramid scheme but we are taught that it is “the thing to do”!



I really don’t understand it!  Do you think this is the “right thing to do”?

1.  graduate high school

2.  go to college and get a degree (Do you know how many people are not even working in their field?)

I’ve worked places where people are hired because they have a degree and they have no clue on how to do anything.  Some were lucky just to find their way to work.

3.  get a real job

What is a “real” job?  Who says it has to be a job that you have to leave your house and family every day, drive in traffic every day, wear what they tell you do wear, punch a time clock, be miserable, and live paycheck to paycheck?

Is your tax return you savings account?  Do you put off doing things every year “until I get my taxes back”?  Worse yet, do you do a Rapid Refund or Refund Anticipation Loan?

If you can fill up this

Steps To Success


You can do this!

Double Good Bonus


What would an extra $500-$600 a month mean to you and your family?  Plus if you reach Ruby by March 31 there is a $500 bonus coming your way too!

Need extra moneyAverage annual income

What’s a wrapreneur?

Join my team! 

Celebrate Freedom!

This week we celebrate our Freedom with the 4th of July. Let me help you gain financial freedom and freedom to spend your time the way you want to spend it!
You can get started for $99 (normally $199) and be eligible to earn a $10,000 bonus by October 31. If you are ready for a life changing opportunity! This is for you!!

join my team today changing lives 1 wrap at a time

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Do you like to have fun?

If you are fun, outgoing, and motivated… I want you! I’m looking to add 3 more leaders to my team for the month of July! Does this sound like you?

I am looking for fun, outgoing, motivated people

#homebasedbusiness #workfromhome #directsales

Call/text Tracy 770-652-2016
Email me! tracygunnels@gmail.com

Why It Works?

Change your life... join my tea

Reasons it works! Global rocks-
1. No inventory. I keep the products I use and a few wraps for when people want one ASAP. Everything else is shipped right to the customers door!
2. No sales quotas
3. No party quotas. You dont even have to have any parties ever if you dont want to.
4. You can stop at anytime. No fee no worrying about getting rid of inventory. And your downline doesnt go anywhere. Of you ever want to start again your team will be there.
5. One team one mission. People are willing to help and love you even when they arent on your team. Its truly an honor to work w such amazing people and something we dont see often anymore.
6. We pay out more on the dollar than virtually any other MLM company.
7. You can build your team as slow or fast as you want and you paycheck will reflect accordingly.
8. It works is debt free and encourages everyone else to be too.
9. It works! Global ROCKS!!!!