Happy Friday! Real talk!

Double Good Bonus

Happy Friday!

Every day is Friday!

Do you love your job?  Or do you wish your life away from Monday to Friday so you can enjoy your weekend?


Thats ok if you think its not a real job

Are you scared of what people might think?  So many people have such a negative attitude about MLM, network marketing, and direct sells.  Do you think it is a pyramid scheme?  This is the REAL pyramid scheme but we are taught that it is “the thing to do”!



I really don’t understand it!  Do you think this is the “right thing to do”?

1.  graduate high school

2.  go to college and get a degree (Do you know how many people are not even working in their field?)

I’ve worked places where people are hired because they have a degree and they have no clue on how to do anything.  Some were lucky just to find their way to work.

3.  get a real job

What is a “real” job?  Who says it has to be a job that you have to leave your house and family every day, drive in traffic every day, wear what they tell you do wear, punch a time clock, be miserable, and live paycheck to paycheck?

Is your tax return you savings account?  Do you put off doing things every year “until I get my taxes back”?  Worse yet, do you do a Rapid Refund or Refund Anticipation Loan?

If you can fill up this

Steps To Success


You can do this!

Double Good Bonus


What would an extra $500-$600 a month mean to you and your family?  Plus if you reach Ruby by March 31 there is a $500 bonus coming your way too!

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What’s a wrapreneur?

Join my team! 



You may or may not know, but my official last day at GMR was October 11, 2013. I quit GMR to work my It Works! business full time. My part time business income has doubled my average monthly job income, so it was time for me to give it the attention it deserves.

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I am looking to add 3 more people to my team this month. You don’t have to live near me in GA. My upline and part of my team is in MI. I have another team in NJ. I have team members in TX, FL, etc.

I can never express just how wonder It Works is!

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Check out this chart! It’s really that easy! And you don’t even have to get the entire 24, your friends will get some too!

I will teach you how! I will also help you learn how to get out of debt. I have a background in financial services.

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What are you waiting for?

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Why you have NOTHING to lose when joining It Works! Global

• No Sales Quotas
• 3 ways to get paid: cash, commissions, bonuses
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• No commitment
• No collecting product and delivering it
• Low start-up costs – only $99 and you get a full treatment of wraps with that!
• Products that sell themselves and work! (hence the company name)
• No mandatory parties
• Work on your own time, own pace, own schedule
• One Team, One Mission – AMAZING support group
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• Bonuses that help you get out of debt
• A company with emphasis on personal, professional and spiritual growth
• A debt free company
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• A company that is in MOMENTUM stage
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