Trial Distributors Needed! I’m looking for 5 people who want to just try it!


Do you love your job?

Are you excited to get up and head to work this morning?

Do love your job, but you just are not making enough money.

One of the objections that I hear most often is I don’t have the money to start.

Most people don’t, or don’t think they can.

I’m going to show you how you can make $550 profit in just 30 days!

You spend $99 to start. When you start you get 4 wraps.  Sell each wrap for $25 each.  4 x $25 = $100 You just make

You just made you money back and started a real business for $0!

Find 4 Loyal customers in 30 days you get 120 in FREE product!  Use the 120 to get 2 boxes of wraps turn around and sell those wraps you now have $200 of wrap cash in your pocket.

2 x 4 x $25 = $200

Now with those 4 loyal customers you also get 2 boxes of wraps for ONLY $25 each making a $75 profit off each box so there is another $150 in your pocket. (2 x $25 = $50 for 8 wraps)

8 x $25 = $200 ($200 – $50 = $150 profit in your pocket)

So for getting just 4 customers you are now up $350 ($200 + $150 = $350)

Now say you have 2 friends who join you in this and you help them do what you just did… You will get $100 bonus for helping each of them.. Which is another $200 in your pocket.

So we are now up to $550 profit in 30 days and that does NOT even include your commission.  Now just imagine how this will look after 2 months and then 3 months and then so on!

So now the question is when do you want to start??

I’m looking for 5 people who want to just try it!


For more info or to get started now CLICK HERE! When you get to the website, click on your country, then click MONEY or browse around and learn more!



Just try it

$10,000 BONUS

$99 + 3 MONTHS + 24 FRIENDS = $10,000 G.O.O.D. BONUS

I am looking to add 3 more people to my team this month. You don’t have to live near me in GA. My upline and part of my team is in MI. I have another team in NJ. I have team members in TX, FL, etc.

I can never express just how wonder It Works is!

$10,000 3 months 24 friends

Check out this chart! It’s really that easy! And you don’t even have to get the entire 24, your friends will get some too!

I will teach you how! I will also help you learn how to get out of debt. I have a background in financial services.

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Why It Works?

Change your life... join my tea

Reasons it works! Global rocks-
1. No inventory. I keep the products I use and a few wraps for when people want one ASAP. Everything else is shipped right to the customers door!
2. No sales quotas
3. No party quotas. You dont even have to have any parties ever if you dont want to.
4. You can stop at anytime. No fee no worrying about getting rid of inventory. And your downline doesnt go anywhere. Of you ever want to start again your team will be there.
5. One team one mission. People are willing to help and love you even when they arent on your team. Its truly an honor to work w such amazing people and something we dont see often anymore.
6. We pay out more on the dollar than virtually any other MLM company.
7. You can build your team as slow or fast as you want and you paycheck will reflect accordingly.
8. It works is debt free and encourages everyone else to be too.
9. It works! Global ROCKS!!!!

What are you waiting for?

June GOOD bonus

Why you have NOTHING to lose when joining It Works! Global

• No Sales Quotas
• 3 ways to get paid: cash, commissions, bonuses
• Residual monthly income
• No inventory
• No commitment
• No collecting product and delivering it
• Low start-up costs – only $99 and you get a full treatment of wraps with that!
• Products that sell themselves and work! (hence the company name)
• No mandatory parties
• Work on your own time, own pace, own schedule
• One Team, One Mission – AMAZING support group
• Training available in all shapes and sizes
• Bonuses that help you get out of debt
• A company with emphasis on personal, professional and spiritual growth
• A debt free company
• Record sales and sustainable growth
• A company that is in MOMENTUM stage
• Only approx. 80,000 distributors WORLD WIDE (Mary Kay has approx. 2 million)
• Bonus Opportunities and Corporate Surprises
• Fun conference locations
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