Gray hair often makes the women sad as it is a sign that they are getting older. Dying your hair is one of the solutions but this new treatment which is quite unusual can help with this problem. Be brave and try this method instead of going to the hairdresser and spending a lot of […]

Source: She Coated Her Hair With Potato Water And Solved One Of The Biggest Problems Women Face

Product Testers Wanted

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It’s raining here this morning, but it won’t be long until ponytail season!  Are you trying to grow your hair out?  I have a new 90 Day Challenge for you today!  The Mermaid Challenge!  I’m looking for 4 product testers for our amazing Hair Skin Nails.


Hair Skin & Nails ingredients










Check out these results after just 45 days!  Just imagine what 90 days will do!



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